Im leaving on a jet plane..

As my trip to Australia comes to an end, and Im packing my bags and wondering desperately whether my luggage will pass the weight norms of the airline; Im thinking about gifting.

Why do we feel the need to take back gifts after a holiday for all those dear and near to us back home?

In truth, I don’t want to delve too deep in case it comes back with some awful Freudian answers. But still, gifts do seem to have dominated my shopping. Something for …. and something for … that she will like. In most cases, it is  a ‘she’. The ‘he’ s  don’t  seem to figure too strongly in my thoughts and I guess, are mentally blocked out as ‘ I don’t know what he would really like ‘ and ‘ he really won’t care too much’.

Taking gifts back home is a gesture of ‘ You are remembered wherever I may be’.  And hopefully, the other person takes it at that and likes whatever I bring anyway.

Strangely, whomever I mention the long lists  to, says ‘ why bother, people will understand even if you don’t bring them anything’.

Strangely because its these very people who will carry lots of gifts for  everyone they value.

It is one of those human paradoxes where we dish out advice we seldom follow.

I’ve had a wonderful trip and seen lots of places and people and will cherish all my memories. There  are some things I never did, like blog and swim. But there are lots of other things I did do, like tasting a  lot of new foods  and going up in a helicopter. Thanks to my son in law who is a foodie  and generous. And going out  a lot thanks to Darshini who loves seeing new places and never mind the trouble of travelling by train and bus with a pram and young son.


There have been many new insights into myself and other people and relationships. I hope Im going
back home, happier and a little wiser.

 Photo:     The lovely and upmarket Surrey Hills


4 thoughts on “Im leaving on a jet plane..

  1. Nice one, Kalyani. :).

    Can’t help agreeing with what you say about gifts. My brother who visits from the US regularly from many years ago, says that he comes like a Santa Claus and goes back like one. Mostly these are the reasons for overweight luggage

  2. The extra suitcase is for gifts. Both journeys – to and fro. You probably have not bought anything for yourself, but it would suffice to sit and think of the lovely times you had with the family. Maybe we will have more posts now?

  3. Raji, thanks. Maybe we like the Santa-like feeling. Only, a week later, when everyone doesn’t jump with joy, its rather disappointing. But going abroad and seeing the range, one realises how really hard it is to prick the perfect gift for each person. And how difficult it is for people like your bro, to think of new stuff each time especially, when most things are available here now.

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