Across the road

Suprisingly, an activity that I am enjoying these days is…. Crossing the road! Surprising, because it wasn.t something that I likd doing or was particularly good at, going by my daughter.s comments. But now that I am foreign returned, I appreciate thistruly indian skill.
While I appreciate the ingrained discipline that makes a person stop at a red signal on an empty road at 6 a.m.,while I admire the system that makes it possible f for a wheel chair bound person to get around on her own, I revel in the freedom that my country gives me to stroll across , or run across the road where I will.
Aussies dodge the waves, we dodge the bikes and cars, both need considerable skill and practice. You have to be born to it, maybe?

Ps.this was done on a tab, so forgive all the sp errors. Im enjoying the learning experience.


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