Quiet kingdom

Domestic bliss may be bucolic but I am certainly enjoying chewing the cud right now. Cleaning house, rearranging, throwing out or giving away stuff is very therapeutic; leaves you in an illusion that life is under control. And that you are achieving something each day.

Its’ been more than a year since I paid any attention to the house. A pregnancy, an engagement followed by a wedding, a new baby who occupied the whole house, masked armed intruders, hospital visits and visitors , a trip abroad … the year has been so full of life that  the background to living  – the house- has just been that ;  a background that served.

Now, Im really trying to see  the objects around and see if they are necessary or useful. Beautiful, very little. Sentimental, lots. I remove at least one thing from each shelf I clean. And I’ve given away a water filter,  a set of floppy disks (yes, I am blushing) … and been tearing up reams of bills and paper.

It came to me that it doesn’t make sense to keep ‘one-sided- paper’  any more. There’s no one to use reams to work out problems. And kids don’t want this old stuff. And as for the  stacks of sweetly patterned paper – letters are so much in the past.

The questions you should ask while doing a clearing up process are according to Unclutterer 

Is everything in its best place? Does everything still have room for storage? Are the items you’re accessing most frequently in the most convenient to reach locations? Are items you’re not accessing very often in the less convenient to reach locations? Is there anything you need to do to improve your initial organizing efforts?

I don’t think I am using so much of my brain for each decision but as the cupboards get emptier, its heavenly.

I now have monthly shopping lists printed out, where I can smartly tick off items as they get over;  weekly shopping lists which are coordinated with weekly menus.. its an organizational high.

But what I’ve learnt is, while  having neat plans is good, life teaches you that you need more to handle it by throwing bouncers into your plans.  For instance, power shut down ruined my plan of the day  of getting the weekly quota of idli batter ready and  the next day , a falling tree extended  the power cut.

Drawing up plans is nice but learning to deal with the mixups needs more grace. Especially when one has to go help with a sick aunt four days after one lands back home. That showed me how far I need  to travel on the road to acceptance and grace.

Im loath to add any more layers to my life right now, but leaven it , people and incidents will.  Meanwhile, trying  to set routines and menus is nice, even if I don’t follow them a great deal .


4 thoughts on “Quiet kingdom

  1. Un-cluttering can do wonders. But there are always moments of ‘I can use this’ before the mind is made up to get rid of it forever. It has been a couple of months. I wish I had seen this post before the weekend.

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