Of Best friends and Beauty Parlours

The whole of last week I was meeting up with old friends, from school and college. And it felt so good to relax totally in comfort zone. There is little pretension and little of  ‘what should we talk about’? The talk flows. And its fun. You know the other person is glad to be with you and there are no strings.

‘Why did you choose to become my friend’, one friend  asked. I don’t think I have an answer. In school days, people who are neighbours or sit next to you in class or share a common interest ( books) become your friend. There is no  analysis of  ‘why she is that way’. She just is and you accept it.

My whole trip to Chennai and back home via cbe , happened , as the best trips do, by chance. Sindhu was leaving to Europe on work and we decided, very sensibly there would be no point to come and see her ‘off ‘ as there would be little time together.’

Sensible decisions don’t last. The next day, when her flight got postponed, I got an irrestible urge to see her and set off at 8.a.m and by a mix of taxis and buses, got to Chennai just in time to catch her at the airport , late at night.

And then I just stayed on at my sister’s to  unwind from the long journey and meet friends.

On the way home, at coimbatore,  when Miriam and I decided to meet up at a hairdresser’s ; I  knew I was walking into trouble. She can persuade me to do anything. And she gave it the  old school try – to get me to chop off my hair . We compromised on a bit of chop and then we had a head massage which was so blissful; we promised ourselves  a whole body massage  the next time.

There is something good about beauty parlours; just the feeling that someone else is pampering you rejuvenates the soul,  whatever it does to your body.

Staying foolish is worth it.

ps:  Of course the effect of the hairdressing lasted a day; the next day it went back  to being nondescript ; or describable as un-groomed.

pps: There are two comments on this post -‘awesome’ . Sad, because this post is not awesome or remarkable – its just a record of days when old friends pop back into my life. And we go a little crazy , like below

and here we are , a little more sensible .

These were taken two years ago. Miriam is on the right.


4 thoughts on “Of Best friends and Beauty Parlours

  1. What fun! I have been dreaming of cutting my hair absolutely short. It is shoulder length that I tie up now. I know it will not suit me. And it will shock some people especially those at work, but my daughter says I should not give it a second thought. Now this post could motivate me.

  2. Do it Radha!! its only hair and it will grow back if you think it doesnt suit you. But stirring up people and yourself with a new look is fun. And the best motivators are daughters – they don’t let you stagnate

  3. I searched for this post to let you know I did cut my hair. Finally. And want to cut it shorter next time. I get strange looks from some. I haven’t been blogging for some time. But I think it will make a good blog post.

  4. Wonderful Radha! Both that you cut your hair and that you took the trouble to search for this post and give me a feedback.Now you are inspiring me to cut mine again. And to start writing.Thanks

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