First Vehicle, Lasting Love


My scooter is back!

Painted, primped and smart. People ask when did I buy it :-))))

For many years of its long life, the scooter was a bilious peacock green because well, my mechanic is a glib tongued,incidentally good-looking,  Muslim. And that was his choice when I asked him to get it painted.

The  two children learnt to drive on it, with many resultant scratches and bumps. And other people drove it when I wasn’t looking and made it a  sorry, tired  looking vehicle. Which everyone wanted me to abandon.

But there is something about your first vehicle with a lot of family history in it, that you don’t want to part with it.  An old Ambassdor which is part of our childhood sits in the garden of my father’s house, steadily rusting and rotting away.

So, I had it fixed up against all sane advice. And seeing it look like it looked 20 years ago, is like welcoming a friend in from rehab.

The  con artist  gave me an astronomical bill for the work, that I paid without a murmur. Later, I had heartburn and thought, how could I not even do the token argument?

Winding in and out the  crowded roads is fun. I might end up with six different kinds of backache,  but for now, its nice to be reunited with an old friend.



10 thoughts on “First Vehicle, Lasting Love

  1. Very nice blog and lovely scooter. Me and my hubbie are also planning to hire a kinetic honda/activa when we visit ooty and conoor. It’s something we would like to explore ourselves. I was wondering if the ride is safe along ghat roads as I would be riding in parts. Do you usually switch off the engine while going downhill? Just need some tips, Regards, Kusum

    • Kusum, nice that you are planning to explore Ooty on your own. No, I don’t switch off the engine – sometimes it happens automatically 🙂 When going downhill, you will have to keep pressing the brakes to control the speed, so you will have to be rather careful. Only at night, does it become very tricky as the engine has to be raised to power the light and you have to press the brakes to keep the speed down. I wouldn’t advise you to ride the scooter at night. Otherwise, a good vehicle with very good brakes shouldn’t give you problems. Be very careful when it rains and look out for those bike riders who can be rather rash. Enjoy your ride and our Nilgiris.

  2. Hey thanks for getting back to me. I thought people on hills usually ride with their scooter engine off donwhill. So you never ride it that way on slopes right?

    • Kusum, I do, sometimes. Mine is an old scooter and if the engine hasn’t been sufficiently warmed up on starting, it goes off. And we go down silently together and sail on till we glide to a stop somewhere or there is a bump. But for more control, I would recommend the engine being on.

  3. Great to get tips from you. I would want to ride for sometime in silence on slopes so I thought it will be so good to ride down to Conoor with engines off. I will be careful though. I am sure you would ride your scooter outside Ooty like that right? Thanks.

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