Private Flower show

The flower show in Ooty starts today and goes on for the next two days. Which means more than the weekend statistic of  10000 vehicles streaming in to the town from three directions. Which means inching traffic and locals stay home if they have a choice.

We chose to keep the library  closed for these three days as the children too won’t be able to board a bus to get there.

Today has been spent in  doing delightfully inconsequential  things and being generally unproductive ; a day of bliss after a couple of months of  being on the go.

And I got to sit in the very neglected garden. Since God has been watering the plants well, there were quite a few delights to be discovered.

A rare rose. Rare, that is for our garden. It is actually a bright lovely orange but chooses to disguise itself in this deep pink on camera.

My all time favorite, the delicate, lovely maiden hair fern which is flourishing in this wet season.

The little white rose creeper outdid itself this year.

The red geranium which may be lowly but adds a great splash of colour.

The fuschias are always flamboyant beauties. While the begonias below, are much more elegant and restrained.  The solar lights brought back from Oz provide little blue specks of light at night.

And the finale is the amaryllis  which Sindhu brought back from Amsterdam a month ago and have come up so fast. Hopefully, should bloom in June.

Walking through a garden can be good for the senses, but a virtual walk can be a drag. Thank you for being here with me.  Its been a therapeutic day:-)


4 thoughts on “Private Flower show

  1. Thank you for the feast..

    I remember the flower shows and the crowd.. used to have a rose that changed color as the day passed in our place at Coonoor. It was fun watching it..

    You have a lovely garden and dont need to visit the flower show.

  2. Hello Asha. Thank you. Its people far away who make us appreciate what we have. Whenever you come down here, please do visit and we can try to find your rose somewhere. Ooty now has a special Rose garden so it should have a colour changing rose.

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