The Morning After

What kind of morning after is an Indian woman who has lived 5 decades, three of them taking care of the family home likely to have? Waking up with a flat feeling, a sour taste in the mouth, the thought ‘never again’ coursing in and out as she makes coffee?

Its the morning after the painters have left or in this case , the masons  .

A series of  ‘why’ crowd each other rapidly, tumbling to be first in line .

Why do I let myself be conned into paying more than agreed? Why do I think up extra work to be done at the tail end? Why did I order those tiles that are destined to get mixed up and delayed? Why do I let them leave  the house and garden a total mess?  Why do I let them get away  besides the fact that I have been wanting to get away from them for a couple of weeks?

And most of all, why don’t I just let things be and stop getting reacquainted with masons periodically, shortening my life considerably?

I guess the answer lies in pictures like this

and this

which makes one sigh and try to be a better person and deserve them .

No, no way does our house look like this. But, we try:-)


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