On Making and Breaking Rules

Some people are happy with rules. They adapt those that seem sensible to them and create more for themselves in different situations. Living within a structure  of sensible habits seems to make life easier and the back straighter.  I am one of these people. But last weekend I suddenly realised that some of the rules we create for ourselves can boomerang and make us miserable.


I had made up a rule ‘make sure on weekends, there is a lot of fruit in the house‘ .  So  I could eat fruit when a ‘ sweet urge” came on instead diving into the biscuit tin.rules_1668_1668

Friday and Saturday , going to the market weighed  heavily on my mind while clouds loomed gloomily  up there.  Shopping in the open  Ooty market with the rain pelting down and water from shop roofs pouring down my raincoat collar and handling bags with wet hands was a prospect that kept making me postpone the visit. But it kept going around my mind . I kept getting up and going to the window to check on the clouds and the likelihood of rain.

Until I had to confront the nagging thought. Was it such a big deal? Can’t I manage the weekend without fruit? This is just an idea and I am letting it control me. Once I looked at the niggling thought right in the face,  I could settle down to enjoy an afternoon  at home. Yes, while the rain pelted down outside. I thought some rules are meant to be guides and not hard fast  rules.

But now I do have a new rule. The 20 minute rule which I use to face tasks which I would rather not be doing.  I set up a timer and start doing tasks like washing up or ironing or exercising.  Sometimes I extend beyond the limit or I stop and find that a great deal of it is done. 20 minutes is not so daunting as 40 minutes or half an hour would be.

Now I’m in the 20 minutes morning writing habit 🙂


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