Women and Lunch

The best kind of lunches happen unexpectedly. Without much forethought or planning. Are simple and enjoyed a great deal. You like the company and know they like you and the food consists of odds and ends. There is no time to  pull out  the three pronged fork with which women like to spear ourselves when entertaining  – how do I look, how does the house look, how is the food?

Today the two youngest and most enthusiastic members of our Siragugal group turned up at the fag end of a round of promotion, bursting with news and hungry.  I had about 10 min to put together a lunch from scratch and surprising even myself, the meal wasn’t too bad.  Onions tomatoes, potatoes and some sprouts were thrown into a cooker with a couple of masalas while the rice steamed on another pot. I let the two of them make the chappatis.  A task that their moms wouldn’t let them do without criticism. As I wasn’t their mom, I had to leave them alone and they enjoyed it a great deal, comparing notes on their moms and their particularness about everything. I  had to feel a bit ashamed that I am not so particular.

Over lunch these two girls who are dragging their feet about getting married discussed their


plans for the future and as a by-the-way, ideas about their future partners. It was refreshing listening and not dishing out advice from the vantage point of having lived more years.

When one gives out an invitation and people accept, it’s a double joy.  Somewhere you feel some barriers come crashing down.  An acceptance. And with the young, they are not judging you or the food or your house. It’s more about the conversation and the company.

A nice afternoon.

Ps: I think its a season. I’d written this three days ago,. Yday  I had another person to lunch and today, the  bunch is coming in. And the pic is of a picnic we had last Monday  – its the jumble sale we are organizing which is bringing so many people together


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