Jet set and go !

” Today -Chennai, tomorrow at this time – on  a flight to Coimbatore;  the day after – travelling to Cochin; the day after – Kuala Lumpur, and the day after that – Adelaide. You’re certainly going places “,  my sister said  to me.

It does sound rushed and mad. The past few weeks have been life in the rushed lane and slightly crazy. But , its been a day at a time although the days came fast.

It was also a period of managing without a maid for the longest while. To my dismay,  I learnt  that my standards of housekeeping  were greatly dependent on her presence. In her absence , I had no inclination to take on her duties and devote more time than strictly necessary for the basics. My image of myself had to take on a makeover.

When contemplating a long trip, Some people seem to be able to shut themselves off from the world  and pack and plan and pack and plan. For me, it seems to happen when all the other things have finished happening . I try to figure it out. Yes there does seem to be time to  slip in thoughts like  is life unfair, am I crazy, do I have priorities wrong  kind of questions in between . My sis said its because Im trying to do it all and not giving up things. Maybe. What does one set aside? the responsibilites of running an NGO, the wedding of middle aged cousin, Diwali, the periods when people want to talk to one or… Housekeeping has been the first casualty, keeping fit the second.

Now its the  throes of getting ready for a long trip  with one trying to pack for every eventuality. It does take its mental toll. Far easier it seems is the attitude of being able to cope with whatever situation that  comes and the confidence that one can manage without stuff, in short manage outside one’s comfort zone.


4 thoughts on “Jet set and go !

  1. You have perfectly expressed my chaotic thoughts, right from dealing with domestic chores in the absence of my domestic help, and packing for a long trip.The only thing I miss is the locking up of the house.

    Have a safe journey and a happy time over there.

    • I didnt have to lock up this time Raji since my husband is still there for a month, but as you point out, it is a major source of stress. I had to make some preparations for a family who will be staying when we are not there.. its just all the planning and thinking that is tiring. Thanks for reading and the approval

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