Hiking the Trails

IMG_2412Sunday afternoons have become  hiking times.(that’s a grand statement considering I’ve been here two Sundays, but..) Last weekend, it was Victor Island, home to many  different species of birds. This week it was up the mountains at Mount Lofty.

On the map, there were many different trails  with intensity and lengths clearly charted out.  The clarity of organisation and perfection in execution seem to be the hallmark of Australia.

Another aspect that hits one squarely in the wellpadded solar plexus region is the focus on outdoor sports and just being outside in the blazing sunshine. People are at the beach, surfing, swimming and doing a variety of things with boards and boats or at the least, cycling or running. Very few are doing just the walking that we favor.

On the trails, people huffed up behind me and it was music to my ears which could hear me panting loudly and then,  they magically turned around and sauntered down again.

This is a nation that worships the sun and the body. We in India, are so used to having other people do things for us that we progressively become more and more unfit . A walk everyday and we feel terrific about ourselves. Then we travel and  we feel the limit of our bodies as we huff over the littlest things like lifting our own bags. Sadness.

Fittingly, I hear about Sri Chinmoy here at the summit of Mount IMG_2413Lofty. Yet another guru from India  who managed to influence his share of the West bringing them peace and meditation, adding in an  unusual twist, long distance  runs and weight lifting!


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