Browsing the aisles

The male notion of shopping seems  to be : Make a list – Buy – Get back home. ‘Browse’  doesn’t seem to exist in their vocabulary. What a delightful activity they are missing out on.

Back home in India, before I started to Adelaide, I thought this trip I won’t spend time and  money and won’t  exasperate family here by buying things for family there.  No one needs any thing  more really.   But now, at least 20 people back home seem to need a little something from me. And how does one satisfy that need without a little browsing?


The point of browsing is just to know what is available. At what price. Followed by a quick calculation of whether it is cheaper back home. It usually is 😦  The things that you want to buy for people are usually way  above your budget and those that fall within, are  …yawn.

But still, wouldn’t you want to just wander through the wonderful Rundle Mall (picture above) just to look ?


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