Cultural input

A visit to the Museum is one of those things you think you should do  but your heart  doesn’t beat faster like  it would   when planning a trip  to a beach or  Mall.  I  think of Somerset Maugham who said one should  only  visit one cultural spot a day  –  an Art gallery or  Museum or Church  and look at only one thing;  a painting maybe and  then go home .

Still, here  in Australia the visit is not exhausting but in fact, rather interesting.  The wonderful  part is the presentation. Artfully lit rooms,  few objects at any one spot,  information presented in   various forms of media  ; it becomes a very pleasant experience.

Since the history of Australia is relatively short, a mere two centuries, the museum relies heavily on natural history and the histories of other lands.  Since we had Advaith with us, the natural history was of course of great interest with life sized, well preserved animals, who had passed on at the local zoo.

At the Art Gallery next door, there  happened to be an exhibition of Indian art with Tibetan Jain and Moslem  influences.  We saw a great deal of rich art which we may not have been able to see in India at one place. A volunteer guide told us she was ready to take us around, saying a little wistfully you probably know more about than I do. Anyway let me tell you that god is Krishna. I was so happy to agree .


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