We are  fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Ruth,  a   person interested in everything and  who likes to talk, drive and take us out. A rare and wonderful combination.

We spend a day with Ruth in her Tiguan car lolling around  looking at the bright sky and leaves through the sunroof.   We speed IMG_2519up the hills on  broad motorways to arrive at a little town, Hahndorf  where German settlers used to farm and live. It’s been preserved as a tourist stop with quaint and cute looking shops and cafes. We have coffee and some wonderful  pastries at a cafe  before driving on .

We drive through the  countryside,  through miles and miles of golden brown fields, stretching to the horizon on either side of the grey ribbon of road.

IMG_2521We cross the river Murray, clean and small. The grass has dried up and been rolled into tight brown bales which are stored for the winter  for the cattle. The farms stretch large and empty; in some places a group of cattle huddle together, in others one proud horse occupies a whole paddock. Sometimes there is a vineyard with rows and rows of neat plants in straight rows.  Nowhere do we ever see a human being  outside working the land.

IMG_2533This is the driest capital of the driest state of the driest continent. quips Ruth, who is from Austria and has been living here for decades  after marrying an Australian.

She asks is this like India and I can’t see any connection to our small fields.  The emptiness everywhere is something new .


As we come back to the city, we see bunches of school children, just out of school,hanging around bus stops or just hanging around in bunches, talking, interacting and that   is one of the  signs of life as we understand it.


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