Smooth precision


Walking  by the side of the river  , we  revel in the calmness of the  quiet green landscape.

IMG_2569And what is that? It is  a little yellow  ground hugging vehicle which should be measuring something on the moon or Mars. It moves back and forth on the slope of the bank of the river Torrent .

The little machine is cutting  the grass,  all by itself!

Okay, not by itself. After a few minutes, a man moves leisurely into the picture. He looks at it like one would look at the antics of a beloved dog. And yes , he has an instrument in his hand to control it. A remote controlled lawn mover seems the ultimate.  Even to the touring American who comes to stand beside me to take a picture for the folks back home.

This seems to top the remotely controlled  railway gates  and empty railway station where bells ring  on their own  which have  amazed me with their  precision and confidence that things will go smoothly.


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