Home again

A few days after coming back home, I feel rather blissful. Initially returning  home after a long trip , one gets unbalanced  by minor irritations. So many things seem to have stopped working. One is dismayed by the dust and clutter that seem to have covered the house in the hurry of going away. But now, I feel rather content with life as it is. Maybe the fact that I’m not doing my own washing up has something to do with it 🙂

Continuing in the holiday mood, I’m not in a hurry to clean the house at one go. Doing one shelf here, another area there as it crops up.  Im taking it slow so I can consider and throw away a lot of things. Time away highlights how much unnecessary stuff we have accumulated.

A lot of my time does seem to be spent in long phone conversations, catching up. While I blessed my time away from the phone, now it seems  good to have been missed.

As I walk up the hill, I think  what is the point  of being productive and doing things non stop?  No one really cares if things are put away sooner or later. If one is a speck in the Universe, then really does anything one does matter?

But people do.

‘Look out for the tiger, don’t take your walks alone’, people warn me on the road. It has been seen in the forests around and this is after all, Tiger Hill.

One of the most heartwarming  happenings in my days occurs at 4 pm when kids from the primary school drift homeward. They stand below my window and shout ceaselessly  ‘Ma’am  ma’am’  till I open the window and and shout a greeting and acknowledge them. Kids can keep up their demands endlessly as I know from recent experience with Advaith.

I wonder if that is  a human trait we are born with  – to keep on at something we want till we get it. But  somewhere as we grow up, it  gets slowly watered down  and we learn to compromise and accept less.


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