To want is to have a weakness

I’m so thrilled.

A story of mine has been published (?) on a website.

I saw the writing cue – to want is to have a weakness –  only 3 days before the deadline and thought I would have a shot.

It’s not winning a prize, its not being first. Its being published :-))

And its from one of my favorite authors



3 thoughts on “To want is to have a weakness

  1. What a lovely story – deserves to be in the top five, definitely, if not topmost. It is a good point, how reluctant people are to ask for something, even from those closest to them. Is is out of a sense /fear of dependency? And you know what, Kalyani, your favourite author is one of mine too!
    Keep writing.

    • Raji, you made my day! Im still going around with a little smile inside when I think of your comment. Thank you. I think there is also a fear of rejection, of someone saying no.
      Margaret Atwood is great isnt she ?:-)

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