Flower show!

When I woke up this morning, it was with the thought that I shouldn’t be wimpy and let the idea of crowds and traffic jams keep me away from a show which thousands of people come to attend. I thought I would  go right away, by scooter, avoid the crowds, have a quick look  and be back to cook breakfast.  And then my husband, said he would come too! Getting him to do anything or go anywhere is like pushing an elephant, so this was a shocker!

This year’s theme seems to be roses. Large frameworks in are covered with flowers and as the years go by, the focus has shifted more and more to the man made constructions rather than the flowers themselves.



















but the individual flowers are always more interesting




The fruit section has decreased drastically in size, maybe because there is a separate Fruit show at Coonoor.  This year the display was solely fruits that grow in the Nilgiris.  The man in charge, gave a detailed explanation about each fruit and even some to taste! 🙂

And it seems to have been a good decision to go in the morning.  It has been pouring here ever since  11 o’clock!


4 thoughts on “Flower show!

  1. Lovely pictures, Kalyani.

    Somehow I prefer to see the flowers growing rather than in mad made fixtures.

    I have often wondered how to refer to my attempts to make my achala husband to go anywhere – ‘pushing an elephant’ seems just right. 🙂

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