My business is not to remake myself;

But make the absolute best of what God made

Robert Browning

My 50th birthday approaches in a year’s time. A landmark of sorts. To celebrate this special year , I want to live life  slowly taking it  one day at a time, making the best of each day if not each moment.

I have lived my life so far, bound by time and schedules and duties and other people’s needs and priorities and so many must and should-do’s. I’d like to let go of all that I have imposed on myself and find what I truly like to do and makes me happy.  I want to stretch in all the ways I can, let go of fears and guilts and meaningless traditions , do things differently, be creative about life and savor the small joys.

I want to pick more daisies, or  in Indian lingo, add a dash of mittaipink to my days.

And here, I hope to record that journey.

Note: The picture in the header is of a sculpture/artwork on a river, Torrent. The boats represent paper boats with writing on them. How  people communicate through words and words can be used to get closer or drift away from each other.  I hope we get closer.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Kalyani,
    Interesting stuff..makes me read again and again. Nice initiative sharing your thoughts & actions among with your friends around the world. Will keep browsing for new stuff whereever I am at. Feels good to. I am proud of you kal. God bless.
    Arvind 🙂

  2. “Here’s looking at you kid,” is a quote by Humphrey Bogart in the movie “Cassablanca,” and if I may be so bold, let me say it to you. So what if you’re to turn 50 pretty soon. You’re still a youngster!

    Got plenty of years of work left in you.
    What’s that you say? You want to live more, and work less? Work is what you’ve been doing all of your life and now you want to live?

    Sounds crazy. But I’m in the same boat. A youngster who was able to “go out on disability” before turning 60 some 18 months ago.

    Boy, have I been living. And taking risks. You gotta, if you want to continue to grow. Looks like you found that secret.

    What took you so long?

    michael j
    looking forward to another decade.

  3. Kalyani,

    Was blogwalking and landed on this page.

    Touched by the subdued hues of colours, the vivid imagination and resonance of words.

    There is a feel good remaining after reading a few posts mostly your latest ones.

    Keep @ blogging, Will be back for more.


  4. Reshmi thanks a lot. It feels really great when a random visitor lands up on my page. And reads long enough to appreciate and make a comment. I truly appreciate that.

  5. Recently I started thinking otherwise and felt being a value-add to others is much more important after 50’s. Its like running a marathon race. We can be slower and doing all kind of (funny) things in life before 50 but it doesn’t make sense to continue with the same for ‘e remaining 20 or 30 yrs (based on avg human life span 80 yrs in India) if we really feel like winning the race.

    Whatever experience we’ve gained in the past 50 yrs should be ‘realized’ at one point and we go forward with new talents and achievements in the remaining yrs left (i.e) trying to get loose and thinking ‘Everything is done in life & We left only few more days to live so We can enjoy doing whatever we could’ is not a real sign of maturity.

    We learn a lot from nature time-to-time and nature is the best teacher to all. Just by looking at a tree we learn a lot too.. when its a small plant it can shake and shiver, go according to the winds and to survive through the environment. But when its a grown ‘big tree’ it will not shake or shiver or shrink or shred or suffer any damage. It will be just a strong, shady and supportive (structure like) yielding juicy fruits and even making a good meal to wondering animals!

    How about imagining a tree grows all straight up and trying to hit the clouds to have a cool view and to get a feeling of being in heaven? Will it make sense to anyone? Or will it be helpful to anyone? Or will anyone let it grow like that knowing its useless – people will chop-chop!

    Let’s think of being useful to others not only to our loved ones but to all after 50’s. At the end of day people should remember the value of our life by being with them during their ups & downs based on how supportive and helpful we were to them.

    Experience & Expertise are two different things and it cannot be wasted by thinking like you Kal… instead, it shall be utilized to develop the knowledge and skills in others and make the planet Earth a better place to live so that our future generation will appreciate our efforts.

    Every child is born in this world every day, every minute their life starts at that very moment of their birth and they all are becoming smarter and wiser than their parents. Lets say if a couple getting married at 90th milestone and giving birth to a child at 100th milestone then that child starts his / her life from 101th mile stone not from zero or 90 or 100. Eventually the IQ and brain activities are expected to be better than the parents and there is no way the parents could treat their children like one among them. They are different by birth. The BG (birth-gap) makes all difference in human life which we cannot deny the fact.

    All these children however require a book / template which are suitable for them to follow thru the life style time-to-time and we can be – a book / template to others.

    This is it! Yes, 50 is the time for doing something ‘wise’ and try to get the feeling of ‘true-ourselves’ till the rest. Ofcourse, I would have to agree with you on the point, “find what I truly like to do and makes me happy” as you say so.

    Please do continue your good work making all the difference in people’s life.

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