Flowers in my Bower



This year, unusually, a lot of roses bloomed while most of the others kept low key. But, one of my favorites, the fuschias  (jimki poo) were there, in their glamorous pinks, dancing in the breeze


Flower show!

When I woke up this morning, it was with the thought that I shouldn’t be wimpy and let the idea of crowds and traffic jams keep me away from a show which thousands of people come to attend. I thought I would  go right away, by scooter, avoid the crowds, have a quick look  and be back to cook breakfast.  And then my husband, said he would come too! Getting him to do anything or go anywhere is like pushing an elephant, so this was a shocker!

This year’s theme seems to be roses. Large frameworks in are covered with flowers and as the years go by, the focus has shifted more and more to the man made constructions rather than the flowers themselves.



















but the individual flowers are always more interesting




The fruit section has decreased drastically in size, maybe because there is a separate Fruit show at Coonoor.  This year the display was solely fruits that grow in the Nilgiris.  The man in charge, gave a detailed explanation about each fruit and even some to taste! 🙂

And it seems to have been a good decision to go in the morning.  It has been pouring here ever since  11 o’clock!


Strawberry picking! The first notion to go is that one gets paid by the farmer.

We pay for the rush of pleasure one feels when sighting rows of 29-jan-pscarefully tended plants, each  with its little bunch of  red red  berries  hanging there waiting to be plucked and bitten into with heightened senses.

The sunshine, the ease with which we pluck the fruit, the feeling of doing something very romantic and new and straight from all those books we’ve read all add to the moment.

And then we carry away boxes to be eaten, turned into jam,smoothies, puddings … Promises in the offing

Two Veg and Boast



Straight from the garden into the pot!

What can make a person burst more with pride and happiness ? After one’s kids of course.

The earthy feel of veg you’ve grown yourself in a tiny patch is something that touches a primal root you didn’t know existed  till it comes pushing its way  out.

For a minimal investment, so much satisfaction.

Its only sad that the farmers never get their due. Its the middle men who make the money. Ulavar sandais,  a great idea to help farmers , is unfortunately filled with more middle men, the very people that were supposed to be weeded out.


Private Flower show

The flower show in Ooty starts today and goes on for the next two days. Which means more than the weekend statistic of  10000 vehicles streaming in to the town from three directions. Which means inching traffic and locals stay home if they have a choice.

We chose to keep the library  closed for these three days as the children too won’t be able to board a bus to get there.

Today has been spent in  doing delightfully inconsequential  things and being generally unproductive ; a day of bliss after a couple of months of  being on the go.

And I got to sit in the very neglected garden. Since God has been watering the plants well, there were quite a few delights to be discovered.

A rare rose. Rare, that is for our garden. It is actually a bright lovely orange but chooses to disguise itself in this deep pink on camera.

My all time favorite, the delicate, lovely maiden hair fern which is flourishing in this wet season.

The little white rose creeper outdid itself this year.

The red geranium which may be lowly but adds a great splash of colour.

The fuschias are always flamboyant beauties. While the begonias below, are much more elegant and restrained.  The solar lights brought back from Oz provide little blue specks of light at night.

And the finale is the amaryllis  which Sindhu brought back from Amsterdam a month ago and have come up so fast. Hopefully, should bloom in June.

Walking through a garden can be good for the senses, but a virtual walk can be a drag. Thank you for being here with me.  Its been a therapeutic day:-)

Garden delights

Of late, I’ve been spending much more time in the garden, actually digging around  and shifting plants to places where I think they will do better. Pulling out weeds and having fun giving a new look to the whole space.  I haven’t figured out how to get the mud out from under my fingernails.

One successful shift has been this violet flower (sadly I don’t know the name) which used to languish in pots under the shade of the shed. Now , covering a whole bed, it’s come into its own and basks in brilliant sunshine (when we have it) adding happy colour to the day.

Another source of joy is this begonia which just flowered.  My other begonias  are all very mundane creatures, this one is splendid.