Bigger and more! In the US of A

My first  trip to the US of A. It has  been more a family trip rather than looking at any of the remarkable sights  in this country.

And that has been an educational experience too.

WP_20140726_004We have been catching up with cousins we spent our growing years with, but grew away from, after they moved here. When they come to India on whirlwind tours, interaction extends to a phone call or a hello at family functions. But when you stay with a person at their home, you really get to interact and learn about that person. How much each of us have changed and grown, early impressions have to be wiped away, lingering little ideas of malcontent vanish, and there is a deepening of old bonds which have frayed a lot  with time.

Dallas was all wide roads, amazing arcs of highways, broad tree lined streets, the manicured lawns of residential DSC00169communities, large homes and larger homes, and a feeling of widespread prosperity. There isn’t an air of busy commerce at the shops which seem to be housed in leisurely large plots. The small  temple housed at the end of a row of shops was a different experience.

DSC00225We visited the John F Kennedy Memorial. Being of the generation which still remembers the glamor surrounding him, it was interesting. The Aquarium is a huge place going up several storeys  and laid out to entrance and pull you in further and higher.  A forest with creepers, falling water and lovely orange flamingoes! And penguins and parakeets. Anemones and jelly fish. It was a long vista of endless delights.

the spot where Kennedy was shot is a major tourist attraction 

Another must do is going up  the Reunion Tower to look at the skyline at night, a pretty sight. We happened to encounter the Mary Kay convention going on at the same time, a host of pretty ladies.

The way people here pack a lot of things into their lives  and work hard all the time is an eye opener. No one thinks twice about getting out their cars to go buy a gallon of milk. Nor do women turn and ask their husbands to get it. They just get into their massive cars and whiz off. Of course driving and parking does seem simpler than in India; still the energy hardly seems to flag.

Our trip to Dallas ended with a  party. In an afternoon, the backyard put on a pretty face   with  hired tables and chairs, smart table cloths , candles, party stuff from party stores, glitter and glamour . Catered food helped. The party brought more rarely seen relatives and created a great weekend of talk, food and fun .