Art Exhibition

S and I went to see this exhibtion of paintings by a trio from Kotagiri,  in a new venture called the Chiaroscuro Art Gallery.

Chiaroscuro ( Italian) in art is contrast between light and dark, usually bold contrasts. They had enough charcoal sketches and some striking pictures like this one to justify the name. But, how on earth do they pronounce it and worse, explain it to the local rural populace?

S was saying the life of a painter must be hard, always trying to explain your work and then sell it to a bunch of hard headed Indians who ‘ve grown up on a culture of calendar art.  If it were a well known name; then that could open up people’s purses: otherwise,  how many ordinary people display ‘art on their walls?

But I would think, that just pursuing your passion must be a good enough reward in itself even if not too lucrative?


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